Our Process


We schedule a free initial consultation which we will discuss the objectives and goals of your project(s) through an interview/questionnaire.

Next we will prepare a proposal and then schedule a second meeting to go over the details of the project and how we plan to implement your vision.

The contract is then submitted and signed.

Design and Code

The site planning and strategies are laid out.

Initial design of the site layout, than contact you for proofing.

Changes to the design are made and the design is approved.

We implement the strategies of the project into the design.

Site Testing

Multiple browser compatibility testing

Test site load times and make sure there are no problems no matter the end-users connection.

Validate the entire website according to W3C guidelines for XHTML/CSS


The site will be uploaded to the web server

We will setup any and all requested e-mail addresses

Submit your site to out list of search engines

Setup any Search Engine Marketing plans we have setup

What about after my site launches?


We will offer a maintenance package during the proposal meeting. The maintenance package depends on the project and it’s possible we could have options for you to choose from.

We will follow through according to the maintenance package that you choose.

Monthly site statistics are mailed out to you at the beginning of each month. These reports go over in detail your web sites activity.

Questions? Contact us below.