New Redesign Launched!


Working with an existing client we wanted to bring the site into a modern content management system to improve the functionality of the custom forms on the site which drives most of the business. Using WordPress 3.9 and a responsive design this site looks great on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Visit the new site:

WordPress 3.9 “Smith” Released

A new WordPress version was just released to the public. It features many security updates along with an improved WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Supposedly better for entering and managing content within the editor. We just updated and I’m giving it a test run right now. Typically I create info in the Text HTML editor not the Visual editor but both seem really nice.

The distraction free writing mode is pretty slick as it removes all the GUI of the WordPress Admin area and lets you focus on just your work. Enabling this is as easy as clicking this button: Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.10.28 PM. A neat feature I also noticed was the ability to simply drag a file right into the editor area and have it automatically upload.

Video highlights about the update

Morale of the story get some updates going on with your WordPress install to take advantage of some of these new features the editor can do! Contact Me if you need some assistance.

Nasty server exploit “Heartbleed Bug” we are fixed!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.08.04 PM

This nasty bug has impacted nearly all the website servers out there these days (unless really old). In a nut shell its an exploit that may or may not have been impacting sites with SSL certificates on the domain names to protect sensitive data. I have successfully patched our web server and verified that we no longer are impacted by this bug.

Celebration time!

Digital Ocean Webhosting

I’ve been developing on quite a few Linux servers in recent days and roughly a year ago we came across hosting provided by Digital Ocean. An up and coming hosting company that has now opened it’s third data center (Singapore) to go along with New York and San Francisco. I’ve really enjoyed the environment and control panel they offer. I wish they included some type of Email offering, at the moment you would have to build it into the server.
Their hosting plans start as cheap as $5 a month but the popular option is $10 a month. 1GB of dedicated ram, 30gb of storage and 2 TB of disk transfer.Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.04.20 PM

I started with Digital Ocean in June of 2013 and since then they have almost added a million new sites.
If your looking to set a server up go ahead and use my ProjectET referral code for Digital Ocean!

Bill Pay online!

Now pay your bill securely right from our website in two clicks. Simply checkout our billing page and enter your invoice number in the comment box. A confirmation receipt will be sent your way immediately afterwards!

Welcome to our new and improved website!

Stay tuned for the completed project which will include a bill pay area and several case studies from existing clients!